ETD Rewards provides the tools to build that marketing database and then identify, track, reward, communicate to and develop loyal customers using data collected from the multi ways provided to you. Our loyalty system gives you what you need to embrace relationship growth and includes strategies and tactics to address customer retention, advocacy, lifetime value, cross-selling and up-selling.

Creating loyal customers, retaining your existing customers, bringing back lapsed customers, rewarding customers and even finding new customers is critical to the success of your business. We understand this and we’ll help grow your business.

  • Built-in features.
  • More choices.
  • More options.
  • Real-time results.
  • No consulting fees. No hosting fees.
  • No extra hardware tp purchase.
  • No software to download.
  • No extra costs for new features.

From simple point-based incentive programs to complex multi-tiered loyalty environments, ETD Rewards provides the expertise, technology and system support services to bring your loyalty program to life and achieve any of your goals.

ETD Rewards provides you with everything needed to get your rewards programs up and running with ease. We provide you with the tools necessary to maintain your rewards program and develop it even further. You do it all yourself with this easy to maintain and manage self-service application.